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The City of San Antonio is seriously looking at increasing the age on cigarettes from 18 to 21 for all the shared reasons of helping eliminate smoking among our youth.  Sen. Carlos Uresti, who has actively persued legislation to increase the age statewide for over a decade, is leading the charge, encouraging local cities and counties to embrace the increase.  Statewide efforts have failed so far yet support from Tobacco-21, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, and a majority of the city council.  Caught up in the age increase will be e-cigarette use, or vaping.  Supporters of the increase are unable or willing to answer questions regarding the impact on zero nicotine users, especially those 18 to 20 vaping zero nicotine because they enjoy it and it keeps them from smoking.  Answers are also not given for impacting 18 to 20 year olds using a small dose nicotine as part of a preventative care program for Parkinson's Disease or other uses.

As part of our efforts to lead advocacy we need to capture some information and we need to do it soon.  We know the answers yet their question will surely be, how many are impacted that vape zero nicotine?  Also, why are adults who quit smoking and still vape at zero doing it?  This brief survey will help us gather data to present to local media, city councilmembers and other interested groups or individuals.

We strongly believe any law raising the vaping age to 21 violates a fundamental liberty to vape and the freedom to accept adult responsibility in exercising our liberty.  In Texas, it also violates TX Health and Safety Code definition for an adult under Section 313, passed into law in 1993.

We thank you for your participation.  Ready to begin?

What is your current age?

How long have you been vaping?

Have you quit smoking or reduced tobacco use through vaping?

Why do you vape ZERO nicotine?

Why do you vape different flavors?

Do you support raising the vaping age to 21 in San Antonio and other Texas cities?

If San Antonio or other Texas cities raise the vaping age to 21 what impact will it have on you? (choose all that apply)

tobacco non-tobacco debate Do you believe Texas and the FDA are wrong about vaping being the same as tobacco and smoking?

We value your time and appreciate your opinions.

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