Vaping Needs Your Help

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Vaping Needs Your Help

Find out why vaping needs your help, how easy it is to help, and why living smoke-free is a worthy, shared goal. 

Transcript for Vaping Needs Your Help

My name is Gary Wood, I’m a vaper, choosing to live smoke-free through vaping with the support of our vaping community.

Our community shares a common goal with many friends and neighbors.  We strive to live tobacco-free lives and many of us are succeeding in reaching this goal.

We also share a concern for personal and public health.  Many vapers find improved health by ending the addiction of tobacco and cigarettes.  Smoke-free living is one key to better public health, a good goal, would you agree?

Medical science proves, conclusively, why vaping and other alternative nicotine delivery systems help transitioning smokers.  Burning tobacco kills, not nicotine and not vapor.

Youth smoking will continue to rapidly decline as both alternatives to smoking and no smoking at all increase through a common goal of smoke-free living.  Too many smokers started too young, I did being only 9 when I began.  Vaping is helping defeat a habit our children and grandchildren need never know.

The documentary film, A Billion Lives, shows the potential impact vaping can have on helping our neighborhoods be smoke-free.  Vaping is a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Vaping has shaken the tobacco-free and tobacco world with the rapid decline in smoking rates from a product too many still do not understand or accept.

It is long past time, in the United States, for all communities to understand; vaping saves lives and supports a smoke-free world for all age groups.

Smoke-free living should be the goal of everyone, it is the goal of the vaping community.  We need to quit confusing smokers and quit overregulating one of the best alternatives to smoking, can we agree on that?

Please help save our right to live smoke-free.  Vaping is at least 95% safer with no harm to bystanders, that is medical fact…not fiction or conjecture.  Yet it is labeled tobacco, is being restricted like tobacco, and being increasingly taxed like tobacco.  Confused smokers don’t try to quit, they simply keep smoking.

STOP the excessive taxes, leave the age to vape at 18, and CELEBRATE the millions of success stories within our vaping community.  Vaping saved my life, I’ve no doubt about that, and overregulating it, confusing it with tobacco, and treating it as a cancer will not help any of us reach our goal.

We strive to live tobacco-free lives – will you share this goal with us? Will you help us succeed?


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