Vaping Advocacy Information Center


Texas Vapers Advocacy started in March 0f 2014 by two passionate vapers (Dane Frels and Gary Wood) with a simple goal; be a funnel for information about vaping and the efforts to slander vaping (prevalent and coming from government agencies and other ‘reputable’ sources that should be supporting vaping and its role in the historic decline of smokers in all age groups).  TVA has been mainly a Facebook page for most of the time, last having a website in 2015.  From now on TVA has a home, open to all groups and organizations dedicated to the truth about vaping, the TVA Information Center.

Here we can learn together to better prepare for calls-to-action from any groups needing support from the vaping community to protect our right to live smoke-free through vaping. 

We do not seek to form a new group, only to share information to all who may be members of different groups or no group at all.  By sharing information regarding the liberty to vape and the forces of government to tax, overregulate, and assault our freedom we strive to help sharpen an educated voice opposing draconian laws.

Members of advocacy groups can share what their group is doing.  Calls-to-action can be posted, communication efforts coordinated, and people can comfortably seek out guidance on how to participate in groups near them.  Realize many of us are in this struggle, no vaper needs to feel alone or powerless.  Strategies and approaches can be debated, formulated, tested, fine-tuned and shared.

Working together on a truth and fact based message about vaping products for legislators, lobbyists, special interest groups, media and the community our messaging will be stronger.  The more voices of reason in favor of living smoke-free through vaping the better chance we have to secure the liberty to vape. 

For those that are relatively new to the vaping community it is, overall, filled with inspiration and a little thing called fun.  Many GREAT groups are around. Enjoyable, community activities abound. Let’s all go there to post items for sale, when looking to buy, shop promotions outside of advocacy focus, etc.  We strive to help you find access and information about many of them here.

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